Vintage Racer Group

Mission Statement

In 2004 a couple of vintage racers got together and said, "What if we started our own club" They started calling around to other racing friends and asking the same question along with "and if you did start up in a new club what would you want from it?"

Well, it seems that it boiled down to three things, Safety, Safety, & Safety. It seemed that everyone felt that if you got that part right, car safety, driver safety and a safe attitude, everything else would just follow. And it appears that they were correct.

Coming out of the gate in 2004 with one event in hand, the New Hampshire Vintage Festival, they quickly added the PVGP BeaveRun Historics and kept right on from there.

Now recognized as a premier vintage racing group they have a schedule that spans a nice locale and a full year. Ranging from the northern tracks of Watkins Glen & NHIS to Summit Point and BeaveRun. Developing a coalition of like minded clubs their members can race at places like Mosport and VIR with all the advantages of club members.

Safety, Safety, Safety has been the mantra and with a enviable event record behind them it works. Boasting a in-house driver's school that rivals the best pro schools around, to a cadre of some of the best technical people in the business. Sharp minds and a very active driver's committee helps all of the drivers to have a safe and enjoyable race. Active member support gives our paddocks and race venues a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Add a few off season events to keep us all in touch and you have one of the finest vintage racing clubs you could join.

Thanks, Bob, Tivvy, Ralph, Mark, Brad, Chris, Bill, Kim, and all the others that have taken this club from an idea to a reality

Board of Directors

Rev 7.0 12/2013


Mack McCormack - President

Mack's interest in things automotive began at age 16 when he restored a 1956 Austin-Healey 100/4. During college he sold the Healey and got hooked on Minis, an addiction that persists to the present. Mack first got into racing in the 80's with EMRA, but then the demands of a career put motor racing on the back burner. In 1998 Mack joined SCCA and has been extremely active in Flagging & Communications. Mack was the Flag Chief for the New England Region, and has recently stepped down as the Divisional Administrator for F&C for the Northeast Division of the SCCA. During the last fifteen years, in addition to SCCA Regional , National and Runoffs events, Mack has participated as a Marshal in numerous pro events including IMSA, CART, ALMS, Grand Am and Formula 1. Since his retirement a few years ago, he has restored a 1966 Mini Cooper to vintage specs and has returned to vintage racing with VRG, SVRA, and VSCDA. While restoring his car, he also participated as a tech inspector for SVRA. He also participates as an instructor for the VRG Driver's School and as a member of the VRG Driver's Committee. Mack believes that VRG has a bright future in the vintage motor racing scene in the “greater northeast”. He aspires to the VRG vintage racing philosophy and believes that his previous experience is an asset to VRG as a member of the Board of Directors.

Cal Trumbo - Vice-President

Cal has been involved in Vintage Racing since 2004. He is a member of several vintage racing organizations; VRG, VSCCA and VSCDA. Prior to joining VRG in 2004, Cal had no prior racing experience. After a neighbor said he had a good deal on a Formula Ford (could it been due to the fact it was already disassembled?), delivered it to his house to his wife’s disbelief, he was hooked ever since. Cal enjoys the great camaraderie of VRG and that it is not just about racing but more about good friends and great cars. He feels strongly that volunteering is important to the health and growth of the club. Cal is the Co-Event Chairman of the Jefferson 500 and past event chairman for the Turkey Bowl. Cal, his wife Val and two boys reside in the Charlotte, NC area.

  • Jefferson 500 Co-Event Chairman

Mike Lawton - Secretary

Mike has been active in racing since 2003 and a VRG member since 2004. He has raced with VRG, HRG (SCCA Historics), SVRA and even with some of the “modern” SCCA classes (ITB and FP) along with instructing at well over 100 car club HPDEs prior to racing. He currently serves as assistant event chair for the VRG Watkins Glen race. His favorite racing moments include lap-long battles with a BMW 2002 and a couple of 911s at Mont Tremblant, racing with the FFs at the VRG all comers enduro at the Glen and being able to race at Bridgehampton. His view is that VRG has an important place in Vintage Racing as the leader in safety and competitiveness with respect, consideration and responsibility and our board has a duty to maintain and evolve that place for our members and fellow competitors. His other interests include coaching youth hockey and soccer and he volunteers as a board member of the town ZBA and youth soccer club.

  • Watkins Glen Event Chairman

Paul Bova - Treasurer

Paul has been involved in Vintage Racing since 1999. He is a member of several vintage racing organizations; VRG, VSCCA, and VSCDA. Paul serves as an instructor for VRG and has participated in the all of the driving schools at NHIS.

Paul is also involved in other aspects of the automotive hobby, serving as President of the Connecticut Chapter of the Ferrari Club of America. He enjoys restoring cars, having restored two vintage Mustangs, a 1976 Camaro and a 1967 Volkswagen Cabriolet. He does a good percentage of the work on the two cars that he is currently racing, a 1959 Turner Mark 1 and a 1957 Turner 803.

Darry, Paul's wife, does the layout and production for the VRG newsletter, Paul functions as proofreader, sounding board and occasional contributor to the newsletter.

  • The Vintage Motorsports Festival (Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park) Event Chairman

Jim Karamanis - Director

Jim has been a member of VRG since 2007 and has served as Web Editor for the VRG Web Presence since 2009. Jim is the event Co-Chair along with Cal Trumbo for the Jefferson 500. He is a founder and past president of the Delmarva Cougar Club, a role which he served in for a decade. In his role as cougar club President, he chaired concours judged national shows and numerous regional events. He also served on the board of directors of the Cougar Club of America and has owned and restored numerous classic Mercury Cougars. Jim races a small production sedan (b-sedan Ford Pinto) and lives in Manassas, Virginia with his wife and two young daughters. He is the Chief of Web Services at the Library of Congress.

  • Jefferson 500 Co-Event Chairman

Keith Lawrence - Director

Keith grew up just outside Pittsburgh PA and watched/volunteered at the PVGP many years before he was able to get his first race car, a 1956 Turner 803, that he imported from the UK and restored. With almost ten years of racing behind him, he has a 1964 AutoDynamics Formula Vee and a 1978 Zink Formula Ford that he campaigns with VRG. He co-chairs the PVGP PIRC Race with Ralph Steinberg. Keith lives just south of Pittsburgh with his wife, Denise, and two sons.

  • PVGP Historic Races Co-Event Chairman

Nial McCabe - Director

Nial McCabe began autocrossing a Bugeye in 1969. He was wheel-to-wheel racing (a Sprite) at Bridghampton by the early 70s. During the 80s and 90s, he was involved in ultralight aircraft and off-road, enduro motorcycling, but returned to road racing in 2000. Nial was born in England but has also lived in Ireland and Canada before immigrating to the US with his parents. His father, a railroad mechanic, was always interested in clamshell (T-series) MGs. This interest carried over to Nial. He bought an Austin A40 when he was 14, but his first street-legal car was a '56 MGA followed by a TR3, a Bugeye, a Mini and various, similar cars. His current street car is an '69 MGB roadster. He's currently working on a "new" vintage racer; an Austin A-35. He and his wife Linda always look forward to meeting up with the friends they have made through VRG. They enjoy the social aspect of VRG membership along with the actual racing. Nial will often post onboard videos from his current racer, #909 Spridget along with some of Linda's amateur photography. His other interests including building model steam engines, CAD drawings, CNC programming, 3D printing and music. The McCabes also watch their four grandkids at least twice a week. Nial teaches mechanical engineering courses at a local community college. The McCabes live in Succasunna, NJ.

Butch O'Connor - Director

Butch has been racing in one form or another for most ofs life, from Soap Box Derby, karts and then cars. He has been very active with the SCCA for more than 30 years, as a worker, driver, race chair and steward. His current SCCA activities are stewarding SCCA events in the Northeast and serving as Chief Instructor for the SCCA Driving School for the last five years. His interest in vintage racing began as the SCCA Race Chair with Charlie Gibson at the Lime Rock Fall Festival and later as an operating steward. That ended after Steve Earle came in to run things, but he was hooked. He acquired a street MGB from a friend that really needed interior work and he built a “tribute” MGB works racer. He has competed with SVRA, VDCA, VSCCA and of course, VRG, with both his MGB and MGA. He has served as Event Chair for the VRG event at NJMP for the last several years, and also serve on the Driver’s Committee.

Ed Valpey - Director

Ed's experience with motorsports racing began with a VSCCA license in 1982. Since then he has competed in Formula Fords, Spec Racers, and various vintage and rally cars. Ed instructs professionally, teaching members of various government agencies and independent contractors in counter-terrorism-related driving techniques. HIs collection consists of '50 J2 Allard, a '65 Ginetta G4R, a '72 Royale Formula Ford, and two projects: a '60 Ferret sports-racer and a '68 Camaro.

  • Chief Driving School Instructor